Daniel Hayes’s acclaimed trio of books about best friends, Tyler and Lymie, has established a tremendous following and earned the author two ALA Best Books for Young Adults commendations.

His fourth book, Flyers, which introduced a new cast of characters, was a nominee for a 1997 Edgar award by the Mystery Writers of America and was named a 1998 Best Book for Young Adults by the American Library Association.


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The Trouble With Lemons

“Tyler’s unique, deftly drawn character highlights this carefully crafted, powerful story. As a mystery, it is intriguing, but as a novel about introspection and self-acceptance, it is irresistible.”

“Self-acceptance, the vagaries of human nature, finding one’s niche in the world — all wrapped in a blanket of mystery involving a body in a local quarry — make up the elements of this fine novel by a promising new author… suspense holds up to the very end.”

Eye of the Beholder

“This breezy, lighthearted tale streams along, taking the boys from one slapstick adventure to the next.”


“(A) laugh-out-loud sequel to his excellent first novel.”


“Downright hilarious…Once again, Hayes portrays young teens honestly and realistically, with all their bravado and doubts.”them.


No Effect

“Hayes masterfully blends humor and heartache…Perceptive, funny, and, above all, believable…The author’s steady hand allows the reader to see serious or disturbing events for what they are — part of life.
– PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (Starred Review)

“Here’s hoping that we haven’t seen the last of these boys.”

“Hayes has such a sure touch he can make 13 year-old-boy humor hit your funny bone, even if you’re not a 13 year-old boy.”


“Funny, sardonic, clever, and ultimately uplifting….”

“…Hayes spins a tale that goes straight from the funny bone to the heart. Fresh and convincing.”
– PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (Starred Review)

“Hayes has done it again: given us a gem of a young adult novel in the tradition of his The Trouble with Lemons.”

Interviews with Hayes

Photos of the Quarry that Inspired The Trouble With Lemons

These are photos of the actual stone quarry in upstate New York that inspired The Trouble With Lemons.
The ladder and raft visible in these pictures weren’t there when the story took place. These structures
were added during the 1990’s when the quarry was open to the public for a while.


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    Ciaran Quinn craves adventure. Having grown up with Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins, and Luke Skywalker, Keer dreams of having his own high adventures. Of course, he does most of this dreaming from the climate-controlled, burglar-alarmed comfort of his own home, or in the cushy stadium seating of his favorite movie theatre. But this is about to change. Like his hero Herman Melville, who once attended his high school (before going off to sea and being captured by cannibals), Keer is about to set sail on his own adventure. What was supposed to be a simple weekend in Lake Placid with his best friend’s cousin Alan, soon morphs into the experience of a lifetime-one he would have gladly avoided had he seen it coming.

    Climb aboard for a wild road trip with Keer, involving a gorilla with a cockeyed sense of humor, timesharing with a pair of disgruntled gangsters, and coming to grips with the wonderfully wacky Trinkles, a family who seems determined to put the “fun” back in dysfunctional.

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